My Picasa Albums
My Picasa Albums Imajico is a slideshow viewer and photo album browser that displays your Picasaweb and Flickr albums. It is designed to be very easy to use and does not require any installation on your blog or website. See it popover now by clicking here

See your photos in Imajico now

Enter your photo album definition:
For example: picasa:<username> or flickr:<username>


There are numerous ways to "install" Imajico and have it working on your website or blog or Ebay page.

The quickest way is as a simple link to the photo viewer, specifying the your album definition, e.g.

You can add a Google Gadget version of Imajico to your iGoogle homepage by clicking Add to Google

You can add it to Blogger by entering your albums definition here 
and then clicking

Many thanks to all who helped with ideas while developing this project, particularly Charlie Wallace for his Google Gadget, blog and Story button ideas.

Thanks to Scott Schiller for the use of SoundManager 2.